Private Party

As with any event the music is one of the key factors to set the mood and to make the event come alive. With our experienced DJs you are one step closer to a successful party. We supply suitable music for dinners, cocktails and dance parties.

We do understand the importance of shifting music along the evening as the event progress. Start our the dinner with more laid back music in a genre that suits your taste and pick it up to have people get into the right mode as its getting closer to party time.

Our professional DJs play a wide range of party music for all ages. We are always flexible and costumer friendly and understand that we are there to play the music necessary to make you and your guests happy.

Please contact us and let us know your plans, what kind of private event you are having and what kind of of music you want.
If you are uncertain about the music selection we are ready to help. If we know what nationalities and age span of the participants that is usually enough to get a good start.

We are available in Bangkok downtown areas as well as suburbs and also surrounding areas. Depending on period we do also take on parties outside Bangkok like Pattaya and Hua Hin areas.

Contact us now for a hassle free service.