DJ Bangkok – Wedding DJ, Event and Club DJs

Welcome to the metropolis and DJ Bangkok. Bangkok is an amazing city with more energy than anywhere else in the world. Bangkok has been attracting party people from all over the world for decades. We are proud to offer our DJ service for private parties as well as corporate events and clubs.

One of our specialties are to supply top of the line Bangkok wedding DJ service. A wedding most often require a different kind of DJ than for the regular clubs and parties.

When we arrange a wedding DJ you will have a DJ that can play a wide range of music styles from different eras, however we also offer special style DJs for parties where more specific music styles are preferred.


DJ Bangkok

DJ Bangkok is part of a global DJ network and we supply DJs for over hundred events every year on several destinations in the world. Our long experience guarantee you a hassle free service from start to end. We have been active in Thailand for a decade and have many luxury hotels and resorts as clients around Thailand. Our Bangkok DJ service air mainly to provide DJs for private events and parties with the ability to play a wider range of music. Good well rounded DJs that is needed for most wedding and mixed parties are quite o find hence our focus on supplying this service for the often hyper trendy Bangkok DJ scene. However we do also cater DJs that play more narrow styles suitable for specific clubs and events.

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Enjoy your time in Bangkok, the world hottest capital.